1. Order

2. What i need for a Fursuit

3. Payment

4. Shipping

5. Waitingtime

6. Code of Conduct


Please only order with the orderform, you must be 18 years or above.

2.What i need for a Fursuit

-Tapedummy including head and feet



-a Handprint

3. Payment

-Tapedummy including head and feet



-a Handprint


Paymentoptions: Bank Transfer, Cash, Paypal (+5% Paypalfees).

30% down payment before i begin, not refundable.

If you pay in installments the last installment has to be paid before i sent the commission to you.

If you modify anything on your own, the waranty ends. Waranty is 2 months


Shipping is via DHL and is calculated individual.


Waiting time is also individual and no guarantee, if you want a rush slot for a special Date you have to pay more(starts at 20%)

6.Code of Conduct

i own the right to refuse or cancel a Slot, if the person acts rude or can´t pay anymore. The paid parts will be then sent out.




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