Fursuit Prices

Fursuit Prices

Fursuit Prices
Partial (Head,Handpaws,Feetpaws,Tail)
3/4 Partial (Head,Handpaws,Feetpaws,Tail, Armsleeves, Legs)
Plantigrade(straight Legs)2200€
Digitigrade (animal like Legs)2500€
Plantigrade(straight Legs)2600€
Digitigrade (animal like Legs)2900€
Headtoony or semi-realistic900€
Body (without Tail)
Plantigrade(straight Legs)800€
Digitigrade (animal like Legs)1100€
S (Rabbit etc) 30€
M (Cat)50€
L (Wolf, Snow Leopard) 80€
XL ( Length >1m)150€
HandpawsFlat Pawpads250€
Puffy Pawpads(only toony)300€
Plushie with Puffy Pawpads(like Mittens)350€
Feetpawsoutdoor with Sole (Neoprenshoe or sewn shoes integrated)Normal 250€
Stompy-Digi 300€
Neoprenboots +50€
indoor/Sockpaws (completely sewn) flat PawpadsNormal 300€
Stompy-Digi 350€
indoor/Sockpaws (completely sewn) Puffy sPawpadNormal 350€
Stompy-Digi 400€


HeadFoambase, static jaw, Leather-teeth and Minky-tongue, simple Furhairs, Minky- or leathernose,2D flat or 3D "Follow me" eyes toony, 3 furcolors
lined with Lycra
Foambase, semi-moveable jaw, Leather-teeth and Minky-tongue, simple Furhairs, plastic-nose , 3D Glass-eyes, ligth Airbrush, 3 Furcolors
lined with Lycra
Zipper back/front, 3 Furcolors (for Digilegs: removeable Paddings made of Lycra ) simple Markings
HandpawsPuffy Paws with 4 or 5 Fingers, Minky-pawpads, Minky-claws
lined with Lycra
Puffy Paws with 4 or 5 Fingers, Leather-pawpads, Plastic-claws
lined with Lycra
FeetpawsMinky-claws, Neoprenshoes or Softshoes integrated, Rubbersole
lined with Lycra
Plastic-claws, Neoprenshoes or Softshoes integrated, Rubbersole
lined with Lycra
very light-weight with 2 beltloops and removeable Core on bigger Tails (Wolf and bigger)


jede weitere Fellfarbeauf Anfrage50€
Markingssimple (maximum 5 single ones)100€
middle (some wider stripes)200€
komplex (Tattoos, Tigers, Leopard,Gepard, Schnowleopard)400€
Wagging Tail Armatureadon for Wolfes,Dragons and such Tails with Beltstrap80€
Magnetic Tongue Set3 Tongues (short, middle and long), 3 Magnets on the Muzzle. Magnets in the Nose(if possible)50€
Magnetic Eyelids Set (only for toony)2 Pair Eyelids (sleepy and angry, more possible)50€
Magnetic Eyebrows Set (only toony)2 Pair Eyebrows (sleepy, angry/worried)70€
HairNFT or Kanekalon100€
Muscles(male)Chest and Sixpack200€