Fursuit Prices

Fursuit Prices

Fursuit Prices
Partial (Head, Hands, Feet, Tail)
toony1600€ (~2000$)
semi-realistic1800€ (~2300$)
3/4 Partial Plantigrade (Head, Hands , Feet,Tail, Armsleeves, Legpants)
toony2000€ (~2500$)
semi-realistic2200€ (~2750$)
3/4 Partial Digitigrade (Head, Hands, Feet, Tail, Armsleeves, Legpants)
toony2300€ (~2900$)
semi-realistic2500€ (~3100$)
Fullsuit Plantigrade (straight legs)
toony2400€ (~3000$)
semi-realistic2600€ (~3250$)
Fullsuit Digitigrade (animallike legs)
toony2700€ (~3400$)
semi-realistic2900€ (~3500$)
Body (without Tail)
plantigrade800€ (~1000$)
digitigrade1100€ (~1300$)
S (Hare etc) 30€ (~40$)
M (Cat)50€ (~65$)
L (Wolf) 80€ (~100$)
XL ( Length >1m)150€ (~190$)


HeadFoambase, static jaw, Leather-teeth and Minky-tongue, simple Furhairs, Minky- or leathernose,2D flat or 3D "Follow me" eyes toony, 3 furcolors
lined with Lycra
Foambase, semi-moveable jaw, Leather-teeth and Minky-tongue, simple Furhairs, plastic-nose , 3D Glass-eyes, ligth Airbrush, 3 Furcolors
lined with Lycra
Zipper back/front, 3 Furcolors (for Digilegs: removeable Paddings made of Lycra ) simple Markings
HandpawsPuffy Paws with 4 or 5 Fingers, Minky-pawpads, Leather-claws
lined with Lycra
Puffy Paws with 4 or 5 Fingers, Leather-pawpads, Plastic-claws
lined with Lycra
FeetpawsLeather-claws, Neoprenshoes or Softshoes integrated, Rubbersole
lined with Lycra
Plastic-claws, Neoprenshoes or Softshoes integrated, Rubbersole
lined with Lycra
very light-weight with 2 beltloops and removeable Core on bigger Tails (Wolf and bigger)


Indoor Feet toony / SockpawsNeoprenshoes or Softshoe integrated, Minky-pawpads, Leather-claws250€ (~310$)
Indoor Füße realistisch / SockpawsNeoprenshoes or Softshoe integrated, Leather-pawpads, Plastic-claws300€ (~380$)
Plushie Handpaws(no Fingers)Minky/Leather-Pawpads, no Claws, lined with Lycra250€ (~310$)
additional Furcoloron request50€ (~65$)
complex Markingson request50€ (~65$)
HairNFT or Kanekalon50€ (~65$)
Breasts(female)added to Body100€ (~130$)
Hip Padding(female)added to Body100€ (~130$)
Muscles(male)Chest- and Bellymuscles added to Body200€ (~260$)
Wagging Tail Armaturecan be added to nearly all Tails available. With elastic Beltstrapstarting at 50€(~65$)
Rush Slotprice depends on which place on the Queue or in which time you want to get your suit finished (fastest is 2 Months and 1st place on the queue)starting 20% on top of the whole price