Fursuit-/ Plushieorders

Before you can reserve a Slot on my waiting list read this carefully:
1.You have to read/accept my TOS and sign it if i choose you
2.You get an aprox Price sent by E-Mail from me , keep in mind to have the minimum dowpayment of 30% when commissioning me.

Slots won´t be choosen “first come first serve”! I will choose by the following criteria:
-is it possible for me to built all things you wish on your character?
-toony character get a bigger chance, also species i haven´t built yet.

Any Questions on Installments etc can be written in the descriptionbox
This Orderform is open till 31.5.2018
i will contact everyone with price and if its possible to create theyr character 🙂




Fursuit, Plushie or Fursuitparts
FullsuitPartsuit3/4 PartsuitPlushie Basic AnthroPlushie Basic FeralFursuitparts

Fursuit Style
ToonySemi-realistischnot applicable

Legtype Fullsuit/ 3/4 Partsuit
PlantigradeDigitgradenot applicable

Plushie Sizes
30cm(Feral)60cm(Feral)90cm(Feral)40cm(Anthro)70cm(Anthro)100cm(Anthro)160cm(nur Anthro)170cm(nur Anthro)180cm(only Anthro)

Extras for Fursuits
Breasts(female)Hips(female)Chest/Bellymuscles(male)indoor Feet toonyindoor Feet realisticoutdoor Feet toonyoutdoor Feet realisticSockpaws toonySockpaws realisticTailBody plantigradeBody digitgradeMurrsuitbody MALEMurrsuitbody FEMALEHandpaws toonyHandpaws realisticPlushy Paws (Mittens)replaceable Tonguereplaceable Eyelids(only for Toony)Hair

I accept the TOS

Refsheet (maximale Dateigröße 4mb nur jpg,png und pdf)