Adult Prices

Adult Fursuits and Plushies
“Murrsuit” Upgrade for Bodys

(added to the baseprice)

 Price Female
(Breast, Hips, opening in the crotch/rear
(Sheath and balls, opening on the rear)
Body+250€ (~310$)+150€ (~190$)

Upgrade for Plushies

Adult Plushies (only possible at the following size):
Feral 60cm/ 24 inch
Anthro 80cm/ 32 inch

SPH (Vagina or Butt) made of Minky or Leather30€ (~40$)
Teats/Milkbar made of Minky/Leather50€ (~65$)
Breasts per pair50€ (~65$)
Udder made of Minky/Leather70€ (~90$)